Thursday, October 18, 2012

What Romney says about abortions

Just an FYI to my pro-life friends. Banning abortions won't end them. I'm old enough to remember life before Roe v Wade and there were lots of abortions. If a high school girl missed her period, her OBGYN would give her a "D&C". Sympathic doctors would also perform abortions past he first month. Abortions were available before Roe and will be available if it is overturned. The question is, does anyone besides Democrats want to do anything about the causes of abortion? Stopping funding for Planned Parenthood, the one organization that provides OBGYN services to poor women, won't stop abortions, it will increase them. Cutting Head Start (which Romney and Schilling would like to do) won't stop abortions, it will increase them as more women can't get the help they need. Cutting back on food stamps, which Schilling has voted for, won't stop abortions, it will increase them as it becomes harder for poor people to feed their families. My question is; are you pro-life or are you just pro-criminalization?

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