Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sensata Technologies - Freeport, Illinois - Schilling Refuses to Meet W/Workers

More on Bain Capital/Sensata: Romney is making a killing from this deal.

Sensata Technologies in Freeport, Illinois is in Bobby Schilling's district. The company that owns them, Bain Capital, is closing the plant and shipping the jobs to China, but not before the current employees get to train their Chinese replacements. (the way this usually works is that either you don't get your severance package and/or you are fired for cause if you don't which would keep you from getting unemployment insurance) People from the plant have tried to get Congressman Schilling's attention but he has ignored them and refuses to meet with them. People who work at the plant recently tried to hand deliver a letter to Romney's campaign office in Madison Wisconson (Freeport is in northern Illinois) but were locked out by the staff who then called the police. See for yourself if this woman looks threatening.

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  1. Fortunetely, i lived the american dream. i had company paid health care, company sponsored retirement, and a company that was like family.

    with wallmart being the biggest importer of chinese products and the landslide of american jobs being shipped overseas, what does the future for the average person hold?

    now the plans for future retirees to privatize health care will solve a lot of problems because they will not be able to afford the insurance. the result, let them die off. it will cost less.