Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pre-Debate Rally for Cheri Bustos at WQAD TV

(Moline, Ill) -- On Thursday, October 11, Quad City residents will join to support Congressional Candidate Cheri Bustos at WQAD TV station in Moline as Bustos debates Mr. 1% candidate Bobby Schilling.

“We have to stop Bobby Schilling (IL 17) from getting re-elected, not because he’s a bad man, but because he does not understand the issues and instead votes for tax cuts for millionaires,” said Lynda Harper, a Rock Island resident. “He calls himself a moderate but the truth is he voted with the Republican Party 92% of the time. He won’t sign the Bring Jobs Home Act and is currently allowing good jobs to be shipped overseas. He hasn’t stood up for seniors or children and says he will support a Romney/Ryan healthcare bill and economy --he is out of touch. Whereas Bustos has promised to represent working families and make the richest 1% pay their fair share in taxes as well as keep middle class jobs here in the U.S.”

For months, constituents of Rep. Bobby Schilling have asked him to back an economy that works for everyone but he just keeps rubberstamping a ‘trickle down’ economic approach that only makes the rich richer. Schilling says he will support a Romney Economy and this means one thing: profits before people.

WHO: 99% Voters” from IL 17 Congressional District

WHAT: Rally to Support Bustos for Congress (IL 17) – Say “No” to Mr. 1% Candidate Bobby Schilling

WHEN: 5:45 p.m. Thursday, October 11, 2012

PLACE: In front of WQAD TV Station, 3003 Park 16th Street, Moline, Illinois

NOTE: This effort by 99% Voters in the community and members of Action Now Illinois is NOT authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

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