Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pre Debate Rally for Cheri Bustos Thursday, Oct 25 in Peoria

On Thursday, October 25, Illinois Congressional voting district IL 17 residents will join to support Congressional Candidate Cheri Bustos at WTVP Studio as Bustos debates Mr. 1% candidate Bobby Schilling.

Residents will rally to say ‘No’ to the man who has allowed good jobs to be shipped overseas devastating an entire community in Freeport, Illinois. “Schilling is allowing Bain Capital, a company founded under Mitt Romney, to ship middle class jobs to a foreign country on his watch,” says Deborah Johnson. This shows me that Shilling is spineless and will not speak up for his constituents when it really matters. We need someone like Cheri Bustos, a woman who will guard her district like a mama bear. We need a champion in D.C., and not an obstructionist like Shilling.”

For months, constituents of Rep. Bobby Schilling have asked him to back an economy that works for everyone but he supports a Romney Economy including extending the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy. Cheri Bustos promises to protect Medicare, Social Security, and create more middle class jobs.
WHO: 99% Voters from IL 17 Congressional District
WHAT: Rally to Support Bustos for Congress (IL 17) – Say “No” to Mr. 1% Candidate Bobby Schilling
WHEN: 6:00 p.m. Thursday, October 25, 2012
PLACE: In front of WTVP TV Station, 101 State Street, Peoria, Illinois

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