Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bustos visits 'Bainport' - Schilling a no show

Freeport, IL – Residents of Congressional District IL 17 thanked candidate Cheri Bustos for visiting ‘Bainport’ today and for her continued support of Sensata workers’ fighting to save their jobs from outsourcing to China by Bain Capital. (NOTE: As a major shareholder in Sensata, Gov Romney is personally profiting by moving these jobs to China while American workers lose.)

Sensata has emerged as a flashpoint in the controversy over Romney’s ties to Bain with the company’s employees asking Mitt Romney to intercede on their behalf and save their jobs. Their cries go unanswered and Romney seems to be simply ignoring these workers.

For months, residents too have been calling on Rep. Bobby Schilling to stop the export of these U.S. jobs overseas and their pleas have obviously fallen on deaf ears.

“We now know firsthand what a Romney/Schilling economy looks like, losing good U.S. jobs,” said Deborah Johnson a voter in IL 17. “We need someone to speak for us in Washington D.C. and Cheri Bustos has shown us time and time again that she is a leader and speaks for the 99% instead of the richest 1%. Cheri needs to win this election and I will not rest until she is elected.”

In September, the workers began to camp outside the plant to protest Bain’s decision to ship their jobs to China and increase the pressure on Mitt Romney. Romney still receives income from Sensata Technologies. The workers say will they stay on-site in until they are heard and in the hope of illustrating the dangers of re-electing Bobby Schilling and of a Romney economy.

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