Monday, October 29, 2012

Schilling now claims he is a Democrat in new mailing

This guy must be underwater in the polls! The Schilling campaign sent out a mailer in which Schilling trys to pass himself off as a Democrat - see the full story HERE.


I received the same mailer yesterday and was able to go over it last night. Basically Schilling is trying to make it look like he is "endorced" by Democrats using a phony newspaper. I thumbed through the piece and a couple of outright lies jumped out. (This guy has no shame and no integrity.)

  1. He alleges that Cheri is supporting the infamous $750 billion+ "cuts" to Medicare. There are two problems with this claim. The first is that they are cuts to future provider reimbursements and cuts to the subsidies provided private insurers in the Medicare Advantage program and NOT recipients. The second problem is that Schilling voted for these same cuts to the penny.
  2. He also alleges that the Ryan budget plan for Medicare, a plan that he voted for, would allow recipients to choose from private insurance plans. So far so good - but what he doesn't mention is the added cost of this approach, estimated to be $6,400/recipient.
  3. He never mentions that he is part of the Medicare problem. His insistance that Medicare pay full list price for drugs costs all of us an estimated $60 billion+.

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