Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Votes

Rep Bobby Schilling has predictably voted along party lines since coming to office. Some of his votes include voting yes on the Ryan budget (H Con Res 34 - turns Medicare into a voucher system, dramatically increasing the out of pocket costs for retirees, but cutting taxes for millionaires), voting against a provision that would have restored funding for the Endangered Species Act (H Amdt 735), against any funding for Planned Parenthood (H Amdt 95), National Public Radio (HR 1076), the Neighborhood Stabilization Program (HR 861), Emergency Mortgage Relief (HR 836), the FHA Refinance Program (HR 830), the Gainful Employment Rule (H Amdt 94), funding US Institute for Peace (H Amdt 69), School-based Health Center Construction (HR 1214), Funding for State Health Benefit Exchanges (HR1213). He also voted for delaying EPA Emissions Regulations for Cement Manufacturers (HR 2681), adding oversight of the Consumer Protection Agency (HR 1315 – bill is designed to strip the Consumer Protection Agency of independence so Congress can call the shots – Payday load and credit card companies HATE the Consumer Protection Agency so it must have some redeeming qualities) and suspending the Cross State Air Pollution Rule (H Amdt 799). Rep Bobby Schilling also voted to repeal light bulb energy efficiency standards (HR2417).
His complete record can be found here. Whether you agree with Rep Schilling’s votes or not, he seems to not be too concerned about the middle class.

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