Thursday, November 3, 2011

Schilling Abandons Tea Party and Refuses to cut Budget AGAIN

Rep Bobby Schilling (R Il-17), who ran as an alleged fiscal conservative, has once again turned his back on his Tea Party supporters in accepting an award from the pharmaceutical industry Astroturf group, RetireSafe, for his opposition to efforts to allow the government to, gasp!, negotiate the price of drugs purchased through Medicare Part D. The CBO estimates that negotiating drug costs would save taxpayers $63billion over the next ten years. This is not a new position for Schilling. Despite all of his talk about cutting the budget and reigning in spending, he has supported wasting taxpayer dollars, even if it makes the debt bigger, to enrich his corporate buddies. Earlier he voted against the Pentagon cutting funding for a second (and un-needed) engine for the F-35 (the Pentagon asked to cut the funding for a second engine as they only needed a few hundred in the first place - and the redundant engine would cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.) For more on Schilling's not so thrifty voting record, click here.

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