Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Il 17 - Bobby Schilling a disappointment – time for a change

Note: This letter appears in the Muscatine Journal and appears here with the permission of the author.

If there is one word that describes Bobby Schilling it would be “disappointment”. He was supposed to go to Washington and stop wasteful spending. Instead of cutting spending he helped scuttle the $4 trillion deficit reduction deal worked out by Speaker Boehner – making him part of the deficit problem, not the solution. He also brags about his support for forcing the government to pay full list price for prescription drugs in Medicare Part D, a rule that wastes $60 billion dollars according to the Congressional Budget Office. Oddly enough, his free spending habits put him to the left of his Democratic challenger. He talks a lot about jobs but has failed to deliver when he has had the chance. The Thompson prison sits empty, and 1,100 badly needed jobs go unfilled,(Update - Thompson prison has been sold to the feds - no thanks to Schilling) because its sale to the Federal Bureau of Prisons has been stopped by House Republicans. Schilling was “against it before he was for it” of course. Why should his colleagues care about jobs for Illinois when the local congressman wasn’t that interested - until his reelection campaign. And don’t get me started on his vote to cut VA healthcare benefits for our veterans.

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