Saturday, September 1, 2012

Schilling-Ryan Budget Would Have Cut FEMA

Now that we are in hurricane season it’s important to remember that Bobby Schilling and Paul Ryan tried to cut FEMA funding in two ways. The first was to cut their funding overall, and the second, and just as important, was to cut the FEMA emergency fund established by President Obama. The president’s idea was to have $10billion set aside for Katrina-like emergencies so that FEMA could act quickly. Bobby Schilling and Paul Ryan sought to cut that money insisting that Congress could deliberate on emergency funding while the victims cooled their heals. Read more about it in The Palm Beach Post. Note that this is the same approach that Ryan has insisted on in the House of Representives for drought relief and Schilling and Ryan left town to campaign without doing anything - Illinois farmers are still waiting.

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