Thursday, September 13, 2012

Republicans in House Blocking Farm Bill - What drought?

Republicans in the House are once again blocking a new farm bill that would contain emergency drought relief. There isn’t enough support among the Republican caucus – of which Bobby Schilling is a member – to get the bill brought to the floor for a vote. A story in the New York Times makes it sound like the main concern is to not have a bipartisan bill pass before the election. (sigh)

Update: New story on Politico on why Republicans in the house will not be passing a badly needed farm bill this year.

Rep Frank Lucas (R-Ok) in Politico: “If the whip organization determines that the votes are not there… then it becomes a high probability that there will be no bill and no vote,” Lucas said in a brief interview. “I’m not in favor of doing something that we can’t be successful on.”

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