Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Oops - Schilling caught lying again

You may have scene the ads showing an animated Cheri Bustos driving a golf cart along a road put in just for her to a country club. Too bad for Schilling none of it is true and the local press is starting to notice (and America for that matter that a candidate would stoop so low - but I'm sorry to say I'm not surprised by anything that Schilling does). The Quad City Times has called him out on his baseless claim. (But to be fair, they aren't happy with Bustos exploiting the way Schilling ran out on a town hall meeting either.)

Here is the video of the town hall - you be the judge. The constituent wanted to know if Schilling supported a bill to provide incentives for American companies to return jobs to America (he doesn't btw). Schilling refuses to answer.

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